Merve Erdem



"This short film is part of my series ‘’Films for Instagram’’.
Each film is about one minute long and aims to make the viewer pause in a virtual space that
they usually just rush through. Through such hiccups I hope to elicit reflective breaks
between person and space in which the fabric of the latter becomes more apparent.

These short films all revisit places that I have filmed at different points in my past. For the
onlooker they lack identity and history. This allows me to manipulate their presence and
temporal projection by filtering them through a gloomy poetic layer that belongs to my
present. Qualified by words or silence, the images survive, recast on this new rhetorical


Merve Erdem is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London.

She has worked with several film-video production companies and participated in various
artistic projects in the US, UK, Italy and Turkey.

Her art uses different mediums to explore the possibilities and limits of memory, movement
and distorted visions. A recurring theme in her work is an attempt to capture things, persons
and spaces in which time seems to branch out and then close in upon itself forming little
stranded worlds on the edge of oblivion.

She is currently working on the release of her debut album with Kit Sebastian.


Asuka Lin


A crochet of formalities and stories, told through the eyes of a fish and the eyes of the filmmaker, "sakanatama" is an exploration of the artist, subject, and viewer. Blurring the boundaries between audience and authorship, oscillating between folklore and the tactile, this short film meditates on the questions we ask about our dying parents and grandparents, whose lives can so easily be drifted away upon parting waves.


Born in Kobe, Japan; Asuka Lin is a Japanese-Taiwanese filmmaker and visual artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. Her works often hold an air of surrealism over subjects that are seemingly tied to reality. Asuka is interested in filming everyday scenes that unfold post-colonial or historical commentary with a touch of magical realism.



Annette Uiga


Experimental film exploring fetish culture, eroticism, sexual equality and positivity. Portrayed through dance and performance.

Made in collaboration with:
Gur Arie Piepskovitz - Performance
Ila Brugal - Director of Photography
Shannen Ward - Additional Photography
XLarge - Soundtrack


Tracy Sada


Hailing from South London, Nigerian-born singer-songwriter and producer, 
Tracy Sada is already making waves in the London scene, having performed at the likes of Jazz Cafe, o2 Academy Islington and Bush theatre .


Her sound is distinct for her soulful voice with an interplay between electronic nuances and live instrumentation. After four years of working as a fashion stylist, she chose to pursue her real dream of having a career in music. She is heavily influenced by various genres and artists including  Erykah Badu (who she penned an ode to on her bandcamp ), Radiohead and afro-fusion and jazz legend, Lagbaja.


She is excited to launch her music to the wider world this autumn with the release of her first EP.  This will consist of six tracks that delve into love, childhood  and growing up as an immigrant in her now gentrified city.



Gergana Popova & Tyrell Williams


A monologue asking the question 'Can we really think for ourselves?'

Performed by Malcolm Atobrah @ml_clm

Writer and Director - Tyrell Williams @tysantana14

Director of Photography - Gergana Popova @geryppva

Editor - Lloyd Ernest @lloydernest


Katia Ganfield


Filmed and edited in a day, a sporadic short on themes of love and alocoholism, starring Barkosina


Katia Ganfield is an artist and award winning filmmaker from London with work premiered in both the UK (BFI / ICA) and across seas. Starting off as a music journo turned film maker at Dazed in 2010, she has since worked on 100+ music promos and commercials through different roles as director, editor and DOP. Most recently, she had her debut short film OTHER CONSPIRACIES produced in collaboration with Random Acts (CH4) and the ICA, premiered as a NOWNESS pick.


Jackie! Zhou



"When Collin and I met up about the video, he brought a giant book of Robert Mapplethorpe portraits and I was interested in exploring masculinity. Through portrait-esque scenes (some cheeky, some sincere), I wanted to use Americana iconography and stereotypical male imagery to subvert ideas of performative masculinity. Nodding to Mapplethorpe's portraits, we included BDSM elements, played with textures, and featured a variety of men--aiming to celebrate relationships, attitudes, and lifestyles typically unheard or unseen."


Jackie! Zhou is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker. She is a sound designer-director hybrid who is excited about people! colors! stylized depictions of seemingly "normal" human experiences! Big inspirations include: Wong Kar-wai, Hayao Miyazaki, and Spongebob Squarepants. Additional inspirations include: the feeling of eating soup dumplings after a rough day, unintentionally poetic WhatsApps from her mom, and her occasionally cringeworthy (but earnest) teenage Tumblr posts.