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Marizó Siller & Carolina Sotelo

Marizó Siller and Carolina Sotelo are friends from Monterrey, Mexico, with Marizó currently residing and working in Los Angeles. 

Marizó: "The film is  a little like a dream. It is a conversation between darkness and light than can only achieve harmony through the natural elements, intangible sound and vision.  

The music and some of the visuals where created in Mexico with my good friend/collaborator Carolina, while a moon eclipse was going on. Somehow we tap into that force and created this little film."




Kevin P. Kearney

Kevin P Kearney is a director/visual artist based in Hollywood, CA inspired by artists like Kenneth Anger, John Waters and retro animators by the likes of Robert Abel and John Whitney.

Kevin: "Even though Hollywood is a total shit hole, I really love walking around at night and being inspired by the little inklings of it's rich iconic history you wouldn't necessarily notice during the day when it's bustling with high-volume tourism and cheap celebrity impersonators.  For this video I wanted to simulate that cosmic adrenaline rush you get when you're inspired again for the first time after an artistic block."



David Zbirka

David Zbirka AKA Sunnbrella, is both filmmaker and musician for this music video. The DIY-distinct, London-based, Prague-built-baby aims to synthesise and displace the listener, its dream-like intimacy mirroring the best of contemporary bedroom-pop. Latest single ‘Feelin Invisible’ manoeuvres between the radiant and paranoid, its aching verb, balanced over poetically heightened, humble melancholy, captures their unique embodiment of the mellow and seething, while Side A of the upcoming Sunnbrella/Hiding ‘Split’ takes pleasure in uneasy memories resonant of the likes of Elliott Smith.

David: "I shot & edited this music video as a uni project, experimenting with 16mm projections and working mostly alone. We shot on location in Brighton and nearby Devil’s Dyke - beautiful view!"


Jeannette Deron

Jeannette is a Chicana video artist based in Los Angeles, whose work has been featured in Bullett Magazine, INDIE Mag, and Fizzy Mag. Her work includes music videos, art pieces, and fashion films involving a sensual style and usually a bit of darkness. Music is her biggest source of inspiration and the starting point for everything she creates, whether it's finding the perfect sound to accompany a film or putting together her own sound design. Other influences include her bicultural childhood living along the San Diego/Tijuana border, international travels, and growing up on heavy daily doses of MTV.


REIGN is an experimental short film featuring artist and designer Dru Acosta of the Del'Hacienda fashion label, whose androgyny and royal aesthetic take center stage in this video piece that centers around sentiments of self-discovery, temptation, and sacrifice. Atmospheres of the deep forest combine with a theme of sovereignty, as the subject's inner turmoil is exposed yet their supreme beauty remains pristine and unfaltering.



Aya Kaido

Shot entirely on a phone, ‘In The Morning’, tells the story of a morning gone wrong. Featuring rising star Katherine Davenport (Best Actress at BIFF, Wilderness) and with assistance by fellow SKMY co-founder Laura Kirwan-Ashman.


Kaido is a producer currently working on Little Pyongyang, a cinematic short doc about North Korean defectors living in the UK, which will be premiering at CPH:DOX 2018 in the NEXT:WAVE AWARD category. She is also the co-founder of Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah - a DIY female film collective focused on creating diverse, female-centric content. Kaido produced, edited, and starred in the collective's eponymous web series, and the collective has been featured by ASOS, Dazed, i-D, and gal-dem. They were also chosen as feminist ambassadors for fashion brand Monki's 10-year #Monkifesto campaign. She has spoken on panels and run workshops for ICO, ICA, BFI, and the V&A museum. Kaido has had work screened at Brainchild Festival, Underwire Festival, and LOCO Film Festival. The collective was also chosen for professional development scheme Modern Tales to develop their long form project ORCHIDS.


Tom Oliver

Tom Oliver is a visual artist, photographer and film-maker currently studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins where he is exploring his interest in our ‘post-truth', ‘post-internet’ culture. His practice is shaped by many areas of the digital art practice including moving image, photographic manipulation, virtual reality and most recently, artificial intelligence.


This recent work is a moving-image collage depicting the public’s use of a beloved North London community space, Waterlow Park. This ninety second piece is formed of all of the 2724 public Instagram photos uploaded and geotagged at Waterlow Park in 2017. The work explores the conversion of Waterlow Park from a private garden to a communal space after it was donated to the public by Sir Sydney Waterlow in 1889. The social media age adds another level of unobstructed access to the park to due to the easily accessible images of other people’s experiences with the park.



Rachael Haines

Rachael Haines is a multi disciplinary artist based in London. She has shown work internationally and is co founder of School of the Damned, a free postgraduate art course to promote free education for all. Her current area of research surrounds the psychological impact and social implications of domestic labour through female identity.


Rachael: “In my recent work, I am investigating the psychological impact of domestic labour through female identity. Using film and performance, I explore the relationship between ‘the house’ and ‘the self’. I’ve used the simple architecture of a dolls house to unravel the psychological complexities of how female identity is shaped and moulded by societal constructs, for example the 'American Dream' and its impact on the roles of woman in the 20th Century Taking familiar objects and sounds, such as the recording of a vacuum cleaner while also utilizing body language and body placement within a new, metaphysical three-dimensional landscape, the work aims to deconstruct and analyse the effect of domestic labour on female identity both in the public and private domain. Through using my hands to caress and feel my way around the empty rooms of a dolls house, I am attempt to reconnect the separate spheres of a woman's own multi-dimensional identity as housewife, woman, machine and, against all odds, human being.”