Paco Caballer

In the very distant future, humans remain worried about the same things.


Written, directed and edited by Paco Caballer.

Photography and camera: Carlos Sanchís.

VFX: Sap.

Sound design: The Last Monkey.

Música: Marc Celma.


I was born in March the 12th 1980. I studied industrial design and a one year master in product design in CEU University of Valencia. Almost finishing my studies and together with some of my school colleagues, we developed what would be my first group project for Este04 festival from which we obtained the prize for best container, Viento de Levante (East Wind). That same year 2004, I entered NUDE (New International Design) and my projects are selected to be shown at the International Furniture Fair of Valencia. As passionate as I am by the gastronomic world I contacted Luki Huber and developed a few objects for the D.DAY exhibit at The Pompidou. In 2005 I worked for half a year in CuldeSac and after some holidays I finish the year with Héctor Serrano in London. During the next year I won three contests I entered between which I would like to highlight Red Dot Design Concept and Injuve (National Prize for Young Creatives). In 2007 I took part in the Injuve Design Lab. In 2008 I was on an investigation grant in Roca Design Centre – FAD Barcelona and my work has been in exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Lodz and Saint-Etienne’s Biennale. I have been teacher at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona) for two years, from 2008 to 2012 I took part in Surtido (spanish designer's platform) and work as a freelance. Download CV.

From very start I have created lots of projects focused in product design but it is after "happy ending" when I start Pantera Films, the place where from 2012 I will develop my work.




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