Nia Hefe

Nia Hefe Filiogianni was born in 1990 in Athens, Greece and currently lives in London. She is a visual artist and founder of CREAM Athens, a platform embracing emerging art. Graduated with a distinction from DEREE, The American College of Greece with a BA (Hons) in Visual Arts (Minor Art History) in 2014, she later completed her MA studies at Central Saint Martins (UAL) in Communication Design with a scholarship. Nia Hefe's work lies between illustration and sculpture with her primarily materials to be wax, silicone and textiles, reflecting on the idea of plasticity and power. Her work has been widely exhibited primarily in Los Angeles (US), Athens (GR) and London (UK) at the Lethaby Gallery, M-Art Gallery, Bios Romantso, The British museum and The Crypt, Bloomsbury. She has been featured in Vogue GR, Bricks Magazine, CNN GR and more.




Are you bored of being ‘accidentally’-and-not touched on public spaces? The Magic Space Reclaimer is the new trend and is here to save your life! This projects aims to question personal space by advertising a tool that could be useful and effective and it consists of a skirt and a small monitor that you can put in your bag and have it everywhere with you. Through a screen, this video attempts to make the viewer visualise this thin line between solemnity and joke, reflecting issues of contemporary society.